Settling into Pre-School

We understand that starting pre – school is a huge step for both children and parents. It might be the first time you and your child have spent time apart. We’ve put together a few suggestions to make this time easier for you both:

  • After your initial visit you and your child are both invited to come and experience pre-school through some settling in sessions. Explore the setting with your child during this time as you both get to know the staff. Where possible try to let your child to explore independently during some of the time you are there. During this time you might like to sit and read through some of the paperwork, look at our displays or talk to the other children.
  • Talk about pre-school with your child when you’re at home. Look at pictures from pre-school together – using your Tapestry login or we can give you some photos.
  • Bring something from home for your child to have whilst at pre-school – e.g. a comfort toy, a photo of you both together or a ‘special thing’ that they can look after for you until you come back. It’s likely it will spend most of the time in their bag but it’s there if they feel they need it.
  • Have a simple routine that you stick to – e.g. go in with your child, spend a minute or two seeing what they are interested in that morning, say that you’re going now and that you’ll see them, e.g. ‘after lunch’ or ‘after storytime’, give a hug and a kiss, say goodbye and then leave. Talk about the routine beforehand and try to stick to it.
  • Do say goodbye! It is important for your child to know you’re going, if not they are likely to be even more worried about you ‘disappearing’ the next time.
  • Please do talk to someone if you or your child are finding it difficult. We can always be flexible and staff are here to help, especially your child’s key person.
  • Do let us know about what your child’s been up to since coming in last – whether it’s a trip to the beach or what they have been exploring at home! Getting to know more about your child’s life outside of pre-school helps staff form a close relationship with your child and extend home interests at pre-school.
  • We suggest that your child attends at least 2 sessions a week so that they get into the routine of attending. 6 days between sessions is a long time for a young child.

For more information please see our prospectus linked below.