Flexi Schooling

dscn1810We are committed to offering Flexi places to pupils as a bridge between home schooling and a full time place.  We recognise that parents want to home school their children but may not be able to offer the full range of learning opportunities.  Children also need time to socialise, learn to work as part of a team and engage in challenging situations with confidence.

Flexi-schooling also meets the needs of families whose professional demands require flexible approaches whilst still providing stability for their children.   It allows for a very rich combination of experiences, abilities and influences.  It can also work extremely well for children who have not succeeded in other schools which implement a more rigid approach.

Our small, village primary schools sustain a nurturing environment where pupils are able to follow a personalised curriculum so that they achieve their full potential.  This means that we work closely with pupils and parents to make sure we meet the needs of each individual.  We enrich our curriculum with outdoor learning, trips and visitors.

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