Flexi Schooling


At both our schools, we offer Flexi places to pupils as a bridge between home schooling and a full time place.  We recognise that parents want to home school their children but may not be able to offer the full range of learning opportunities.  Children also need time to socialise, learn to work as part of a team and engage in challenging situations with confidence.

Flexi-schooling allows for a very rich combination of experiences which can be shared in the classroom with all children.  It also provides flexibility for children who may find full-time schooling challenging.

As small, village primary schools, nurture is at the heart of all of the work we do. We provide learning experiences tailored closely to each child’s needs and have close links with parents and our wider community.  Parents must apply for flexi-schooling places and these are allocated at the discretion of the Executive Headteacher. This process is different from the Local Authority application procedure which must also take place. Please find further information in our policy below.

Further Information