Physical Development

We move around, build our strength and learn about being healthy by:

  • Using our ‘gross motor skills’ to make big movements that help us jump and crawl, climb and balance
  • Using our ‘fine motor skills’ which help us to thread beads, hold a pencil, use scissors or pick up a raisin
  • We do actions as we sing songs and say rhymes
  • We eat a real variety of healthy snacks and learn about food that is good for our growing bodies
  • We love to challenge ourselves at Forest School, sliding down the mudslide, balancing along a rope bridge or climbing a ‘mountain’!
  • We love to jump and run and move in PE
  • We are given time and encouragement to become independent in our own health and personal care from doing up the zip on our coats to making choices about appropriate clothing to wear according to the weather or activity, for example an apron for painting or putting wellies on when it is raining.

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