Our Values

Our shared values help to steer the actions of everyone in our school community: children, parents, staff and governors. At the heart of our caring community stand our four core values of love, friendship, courage and respect.


we love one another as God has loved us




we make deep friendships based on generosity, forgiveness and compassion


we are brave and face challenges with trust in God’s plan




we take care of the world which God has provided for us

Our Expectations

Our children show good levels of behaviour both in and out of school. Our expectations are reinforced regularly through worship and class discussions and are rewarded with Dojo points and house points. Our pupils are taught how to behave and act in a way that shows courtesy and respect to others and to care for the environment in which they work and play. All our children are encouraged to talk to others if they are experiencing difficulties so that these can be resolved quickly.

We are gentle
We are kind
We are helpful
We are friendly
We are honest
We listen carefully
We look after our school
We always try our best